Christina holds an MA in VISUAL & MEDIA ANTHROPOLOGY (FU Berlin) and a Diploma in MEDIA DESIGN (University of Applied Sciences Augsburg). Since 2003 she works as a director, editor, photographer and graphic designer.

One of her focuses in filmmaking is NEPAL where she has directed 4 documentaries so far. Her new documentary “After Shangrila" (92min)  will be out on DVD by early 2019.

Her work on social suffering has been strongly influenced by danish photographer JACOB HOLDT (»AMERICAN PICTURES«), with whom she toured the Southern States of the US in 2007. In the same year she curated and helped organizing his exhibition “GHETTOES IN OUR HEARTS" in Copenhagen that involved more than 600 of his photographs.

In 2011 she curated and designed the EINAR SCHLEEF ZENTRUM in Sangerhausen, an exhibition about the director, painter, writer and stage designer EINAR SCHLEEF.

Berliner Festspiele
Zafraan Ensemble
Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop
Rita Redshoes (portugese singer)
Knox Chandler (composer and guitar artist)
Eric Mingus (vocal artist, composer, poet, NYC)
TAU (band)
Stéphan Talneau / for Sasha Waltz & Guests / Radialsystem
Max Richter (composer)
ARTE Metropolis, ZDF Aspekte
Deutsche Grammophon
Nikolaisaal Potsdam
Musikfesttage an der Oder
Musikfestspiele Potsdam sanssouci
Axel Nagel (singer/songwriter)
Fontaine Burnett (singer/songwriter
Elina Albach (cembalo player)
Bela Brauckmann (composer, producer, drummer)
Claudia Maluenda (chilenian-peruvian singer)

CLIENTS / Social and commercial field
fireglory pictures
Govinda Entwicklungshilfe e.V.., Kinderhilfsprojekte in Nepal
Einar Schleef Theaterfestival Sangerhausen
Jacob Holdt ( “American Pictures")
Agentur Glow Communications Berlin
LAG Mädchenpolitk Baden-Württemberg
Zentrale Frauenberatung Stuttgart
JELLA – Pädagogisch-therapeutische Mädchenwohngruppe
Spenglermuseum Sangerhausen


2011 // Short Film Award, Kurzfilmfestival des Fairen Handels
2010 // Audience Award Best Student Film, »Dialektus Anthropological Film Festival« Budapest/Hungary for Beneath Everest – Nepal Reborn
2009 // Nomination »Golden Key Award« Dokfest Kassel for Beneath Everest – Nepal Reborn
2005 // Jugendkulturförderpreis Sachsen-Anhalts für »Der Himmel über mir«
2004 // Jugendkulturförderpreis Sachsen-Anhalts für »Tilt«
2001 // 1. Preis Animationswettbewerb Theaterhaus Stuttgart

2018: »After Shangrila – Nepal after the Earthquake« (dir., 92 min, nepali with english or german subtitles)
2013: »Fontanepromenade« (15 min), dir. by Stella Flatten
2012: »Vor uns das verhießene Land« – Schleef und Sangerhausen (32 min)
2009: Beneath Everest – Nepal Reborn (edting and cinematography (93 min)
2007: Die vergessenen Kinder Westnepals (96 min)
2006: »Aalen jazzt« – Doku über die Motownlegende Lamont Dozier (55 min)
2005: Nie mehr zurück – Einar Schleef und Sangerhausen (30 min)
2004: SUCHT.gefühle (30 min)
2004: Der Himmel über mir – Die Kinder des Shangrila Waisenhauses in Nepal (66 min)
2003: TILT – an international youth musical (30 min)

Milano Film Festival 2011
Dialektus FilmFestival Budapest 2010
Vibgyor Film Festival Kerala India 2010
Keswick Filmfestival UK, 2010
Cape Winelands Filmfestival South Africa 2010
Dokfest Kassel 2009
Human Rights Filmfestival Pristina/Kosovo 2009
Ethnologisches Filmfest Universität Zürich 2009
Grenzland Filmtage Selb 2005
Jugendmedientage Berlin 2005
Open Eyes Filmfest Marburg 2003


Voigt, Christina: »Virtual Nature and Landscapes«. In: Frömming, U. (Hrg.) Virtual Environments and Cultures.Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang (2013)